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Men of the 2nd Paramilitary Fire Department (1980's)

The 2nd Paramilitary Fire Brigade or VPCh-2 (Militarised Fire Station 2) Or otherwise simply known as the Chernobyl NPP Fire Station was a fire station located next to the Power Plant, in case of emergency there.

The men from this station were the first to respond the the accident on the night of April 26th 1986.

Notable Personnel[]

Lieutenant Vladimir Pravik[]


Pravik was the first man to arrive at the scene, He saw the destroyed reactor building and sounded a stage 3 alert, meaning every fire station in the Kiev region had to respond, he first parked his truck at the transport corridor and found a phone, he rang it (to try and find out what was going on), to no answer. Pravik then ordered his men to commence firefighting on the roof of the turbine hall. Pravik supervised firefighting until the men from the 6th Paramilitary Fire/Rescue (Pripyat Fire Department) arrived at 1:45 AM.

He told Kibenok's crew to start extinguishing fires on the roof of the third reactor. Pravik mainly stayed with Kibenok's crew on the third reactors roof, but he did go down to the turbine hall occasionally to supervise firefighting. Because he chose to stay on the third reactor's roof, he received a fatal dose of radiation along with five other men from the Pripyat Fire Department . He was taken to Hospital No.6 in Moscow which specialised in radiation burns. He died from ARS on May 11th 1986, the same day as his friend Viktor Kibenok who was on the roof with him.

Pravik was posthumously awarded the Hero Of The Soviet Union.

Major Leonid Telyatnikov[]

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Telyatnikov was Pravik's superior, he was on leave that night, but when he heard how bad the accident was, he immediately arrived.

Telyatnikov mainly supervised firefighting on the roof of the turbine hall. He received a high radiation dose but survived. He stayed in hospital until December 1987. He died of cancer in 2004.

In 1987 he was awarded Hero Of The Soviet Union.

Chernobyl NPP Fire Department in 2020[]

The fire station has remained in service since 1986, in case of fires at the power plant, it is now operated by the CZN of Kiev. They were recently needed for the wildfires in the exclusion zone.