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[RU: Радиоактивное оборудование], [DE: Radioaktive Ausrüstung]

6x035 Chernobyl vehicle graveyard 05 going inside

Edge of a machinery graveyard.

Radioactive hardware is plentiful in the Exclusion Zone and is considered to be high-risk hazardous waste.

By-Product Of The Accident[]

Initially after the disaster, the military and the liquidators used equipment during the construction of the sarcophagus, the evacuation of Pripyat and the burial of other hazardous waste that would later be dumped in pits and left to radioactively rot. This included BTR armoured personnel carriers that were used to bring in soldiers, helicopters that were flown over the reactor while it was being buried, and other military vehicles.

Buryakovka Field[]


Overhead view of Buryakovka field.

Buryakovka field is one of several waste-burial sites where radioactive hardware is either buried or waiting to be buried. Along with military vehicles, there is also the tank that the liquidators used to pour the sarcophagus (it is now encased in lead) and a long column of fire engines that arrived to try and extinguish the blaze.

However, much of these dead vehicles and other equipment have yet to be buried. Because of this, many of the criminals who came after the accident stole engines from the vehicles.