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For editors new to Chernobyl Wiki, this is not a content page, it is intended to help all the pages look more or less uniform so that the wiki looks nice. Typically, you will start the article with your first paragraph or sentance here, often with an interesting picture to capture the reader's attention =>.

Section heading #1[]

This is your first section in the article, and you can use it to give some background info on the page's topic if you happen to have some.

Section heading #2[]

Many topics call for a second section, especially if the page covers a broad topic or a variety of topics.

Section Heading #2.1[]

If you wish to make a section within a section, use "heading three" in the text format at the top of the page. Within a sectionoid like this one, you can use bold or italics to capture the reader's attention.

  • You can also use bullets or numbers to present facts in an organized way, or to list converging aspects of the topic.


Pages are always nicer with visual aids, I.E. photos. Near the top right of the page there is the "add features and media" section, and if you hit the button that says "gallery" you can create a tidy section of photos with captions where appropriate.

A Note On Templates[]

Normally, templates go at the top of the page before the actual text of the article. If you wish to add a template, you can do one of two things:

  1. Go to the toolbar on the right of the article you're creating/editing and click on "templates"
  2. Go to source and add the template manually

1. Toolbar[]

This option is easiest for templates that are commonly used, but there is also a search bar at the top if you don't know exactly what you're looking for.

EX: If you type in "stub" because you can't find it in the list, then the options Template:Stub and Template:Stub/Doc drop down from the search bar.

2. Source[]

If you know the exact source code for the template you want to use, then you simply type in or copy and paste (Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V respectively because the paste option for right-clicking doesn't exactly work).

EX: {{Stub}}

Wormwood 115
Remove the soil to the depth of one spade.
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